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New to forum, old to rc aircraft

Dec 22, 2016
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Hey gang,
What a great sport huh? This is my second drone and absolutely the best. The Typhoon H with Realsense is amazing and it's going to be tons of fun! I have been flying radio controlled for 30 years and am also a home built pilot. My first helicopter (Sport 500) was a disaster and I had it hanging from the ceiling forever. Not that I built it bad, but they were so difficult/impossible to fly that I just stuck with airplanes. The Blade 350 Qx drew my attention back and was a blast. Because of great strides in the sport, I also have a Blade 230 heli that is loads of fun to fly. Ain't technology great! I just got the Yuneec FPV goggles and can't wait to try them. Too cold up here in WI today but I'm heading to Texas on a road trip this weekend that should be a hoot!

Aug 19, 2016
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Muskegon, MI
Willie, it sure is. I can't believe what this thing does compared to what we started with. So a Sport 500 huh? Wasn't that a fixed pitch? Going back to the EP Concept, everything I flew was collective pitch but with the first EPs the mast was really too short and the blade grips were sloppy so boom strikes were virtually inevitable. I've still got an old Hirobo Shuttle which I was thinking of converting to electric. My latest was a home built 450 size which I put in an Align MD 500 fiberglass body. With the addition of the Copilot II it's as smooth as butter and I can even take my hands off the controls for a bit. What a far cry from the days of the old electro mechanical gyros to keep the tail rotor locked. I can only imaging how hard it was to maintain altitude with the Sport 500 if there was any wind at all. Collective makes a world of difference since you can't change the rotor head RPMs quickly enough with the extra inertia.

Well, enough of the Heli nostalgia, this is a drone forum and I love my H Pro, just leery of a flyaway with what others have experienced, the latest being PatR. Enjoy the warmth in Texas. I'm stuck across the lake in Michigan but at least its in the low 30s between now and the 4th. Expecting to get rid of most of this snow.


A smart man. Texas will be warm this weekend. I'm in Deep East Texas, but you're probably going way up North, like Dallas.
Whatever, welcome to Texas. I also enjoy flying my TH drones.

Take care, Willy, don't crash the darn thing like I did my first.:D


Enjoy flyin'

Been wondering how Willy is doing.?? Hoping he is busy taking great videos of the Texas wildlife to share with us.

While Taku, my puppy, drug me around on our daily rambles a few days ago, a rabbit made the mistake of jumping out in front of him. He insisted on taking it back to his domicile.

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