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release date

  1. W

    Definite release date?

    Hi guys, new to the hobby, preordered the H pro, placed my deposit. Was disappointed that Jessops could t provide a release date, does anyone know of even a rumoured release date? Thanks!
  2. P

    Your order has been fulfilled.

    New to forum. Thought I would share that I received this email on 5/11 around 6pm: Thank you for shopping at Yuneec USA Inc.. Your order no. YUS0001935 has been fulfilled. My order was place 3/21. Regards.
  3. Dezzzy.D

    THE RYAN HAS SPOKEN! I hope he's right.

    I was talking back and forth with FPVguy about NAB 2016 and the Typhoon demo Ryan had and this is what he posted back! I hope we see them soon ladies and gents