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  1. iDroneRepair

    Drone Repairs

    Good Afternoon Everyone, New member here just wanting to ask a few questions around drone repairs. I am looking to set up a drone repair business in Sheffield UK, I will be going online though so that people will be able to send their drones from all over the UK. What is the current situation...
  2. A

    ST16 Video Receiver Replacement

    Does anyone have any experience replacing the Video rx on the St16? I was having issues as explained in this thread I posted a while back St16 Receiver Issues I tried resetting and rebinding to no avail. I figured I could try to replace the video rx to resolve my issues. So if anyone has any...
  3. M

    Yuneec H battery available for $53 through Amazon prime

    Hi there, I know this Yuneec H battery and price ($53) has been recently posted but I do not think it was from Amazon and included with prime shipping. What is interesting is I found the same battery on Amazon but not included with prime and it is priced at $90+. I ordered one and will have it...
  4. CzarMark

    Calibration Issues / Compass Module Replacement

    I am having a low success rate of calibrating my Breeze. To date, I have only successfully calibrated twice out of thirty attempts. I am not confident in those successes, however, as one occurred on a concrete patio approximately six feet from a metal table, and the other occurred indoors. Most...