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  1. S

    4th of July Update Bricked ST16S

    I just started the update, and everything went fine till it was the TX turn to update. First off it said I was updating from 0.3.0 to 1.0.1 or something very close to that. Then it reboots and downloads version 0.33.0 and says that it was on version 0.0.1?? After that the screen went dark like...
  2. N

    H520 cannot switch off

    Hi guys, does anyone experience this before? Before this I tried to do vehicle reboot through the QGroundControl software but nothing happened. The only thing that happened is rapid blinking of red and blue LED on the rear side of H520 near to the flight controller. While the LED's are blinking...
  3. B


    From Yuneec Tech Support - A Reset Feature. See my reply below. I apologize for the late reply, we have been having some systematic errors here on our end. I have read your email and was going to let you know that you can try doing the reset on the Breeze unit if you'd like. What you would have...
  4. J

    Breeze motor not working

    Hello all, on my breeze one motor stopped working after a minor crash. The motor from the outside is undamaged and even when removing the screws and checking the interior of the motor, the motor does not seem to have any physical reason for not working. Does anyone know if the breeze applies a...