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  1. AZflyer83

    Flying local event opportunity

    Hi everyone I did search through to find some feedback before posting this but not sure if I just looked up the wrong terms. Anyways ive been given a trail run unique opportunity to fly at my local small oval racetrack by the photo team there as they dont have drones of their own. Now im...
  2. kayakmtb

    UK Landowners Permission - Beach Flight

    Hi All I am hoping to do some beach survey work to support an environmental initiative in UK. As I am CAA registered I want to do this by the book. However, I need to know who I seek landowners permission from. Google doesn't appear to throw up anything specific. Any ideas anyone?
  3. Breizhdrone

    Fly a drone in France, regulations and interactive aero map

    Hello, You are foreigner and you want to fly a drone in France for recreation purposes or as professional. The French authorities for aerial transports (DGAC) propose a summary of the ten rules in English to use a drone for recreation purposes in France. I present in English the 10 rules, the...
  4. Chris McMillan

    Buying your "H" from overseas?

    As I looked at buying overseas myself, this is what I found about UAV's. It seems when units are imported they are checked for regulatory compliance in the country in which they are sold. For example, in the US it's the FAA regulations they have to comply with. They generally have a sticker on...
  5. clive long

    50 metre rule

    Hi, so here in the uk we all know the rule about flying within 50 metres of buildings and people but what happens if I was minding my own buisness following the rules and a crowd of people came to me. Do I have to stop flying and find somewhere else? Thanks