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  1. J

    Yuneec Mantis Q with Bag for $169.00 on Affer.com

    Hi, *this is not my advert.”, only a psa * ICYMBI, Affer.com is selling Yuneec Mantis Q with Yuneec Bag for $169.00 shipping included. No taxes. The Yuneec website redirected me there. I have bought from them before and they are trusted, at least by me. I think that they are a reseller of...
  2. F

    (Sold) H520, 3 batteries & range extender

    For Sale: Yuneec H520 E90 Bundle Comes with: - Original box - 3 batteries - Charger - STS16 controller - ITELITE DBS range extender - Extra props - E90 20MP 4K/60FPS sensor - Sensor lock - 16GB microSD card Just did a complete firmware update, everything works great. Happy to do a demo flight...
  3. JackMTaco

    Typhoon H+ and ST16S with Case - and SOLD!

    Selling my second H+ that was used for backup purposes. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it, I just haven't had a need to use it because my primary H+ has been running fine. I am the second owner and bought this from another forum member on here back in September 2018, it has been flown...
  4. Nobel Drones

    Wanted Working CGO3+

    im looking to buy any working CGO3+ THAT UNDER 150$ Please reply if you have anything available Thank You
  5. B

    Typhoon H Parts for Sale

    5 Arms with motors and wiring (3A,2B) - $220 Sonar Module - $40 3 5400MAH Batteries (one week old each) $100 each 12 Propellers - $50 Charger - $25 Power Adapter for charger - $35 ST16 Controller (12 days old) - $550 Wizard Wand with waterproof pouch - $110 Typhoon H hard shell backpack - $50...
  6. M

    Selling my H Pro RS

    Hi all, Well, for a while now I have being feeling more and more uncomfortable with the unwanted attention that my H regularly attracts and it has reached the stage where I am considering selling my H. It is a complete kit in a brand new (3 week old) Yuneec backpack. It comes with 4 Yuneec...
  7. N

    Typhoon H w/RealSense for Sale in Southern California

    For Sale: Typhoon H w/Real Sense, ST16, hard case, two batteries and Wizard. Bought on February 15th, 2017, from Best Buy. It's never actually flown. I've turned it on and started the propellers but I've never actually flown it. Firmware currently at: ST16: st16_system_v03.10.b30 apk...
  8. R

    Typhoon H accessories for sale

    I have some Typhoon H accessories I'm trying to sell. If you are interested, let me know. Battery and charger - $175 Wizard Wand - $125 Extra props 6 a and 5 b - $20 (Plus shipping) [email protected]
  9. V

    Difference between the H480 (w/RS), H920 (w/RS) and the H Pro?

    I am a bit skeptical on this deal listed online. I see that it has a CGO3 (not the 3+) does this mean it's a H 480? YUNEEC Typhoon H Hexacopter with Intel RealSense Technology Bundle includes CGO3 4K 3-Axis Gimbal Camera + YUNEEC Simulator + YUNEEC Wizard Wand + Sandisk 64GB Extreme MicroSDHC...
  10. M

    Selling New Typhoon H

    Currently residing in Ventura County, CA 93063 I purchased this Typhoon H Monday and was delivered to my home Wednesday. After updating the firmware and flying it to make sure everything was OK with it I decided that I wanted to upgrade to the Realsense model. Imgur: The most awesome images on...
  11. Mike_Flys

    New Typhoon H Pro $1,740.00 Real Sense, 2 batteries, Backpack...

    I am very excited about Part 107 and what this means for the industry. I truly believe that the technology being developed for this will change the world. With the new Part 107 FAA Remote Pilot in Command (sUAS) certificate now being required for commercial/professional drone flying...
  12. D

    Canada-BNIB Q500 4K +2 batt + alum case

    Hey Guys, I have 5 Q 500 4K with 2 batteries and the big aluminum case for sale. I also have 2 wizards available. All product is brand new in box. I'm a dealer and just have WAY too much stock and more on the way! I am selling these at my cost to get them out the door. This is even a better...