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  1. Chris McMillan

    Battery shipping problem

    Does anyone know of a Yuneec dealer that has a carrier that can ship the H battery overseas. I've just tried 2 and they've both declined. We don't even have a price here in Oz, but I do know that when they make the announcement it will be outrageous, even taking into account import duty, taxes...
  2. P

    Your order has been fulfilled.

    New to forum. Thought I would share that I received this email on 5/11 around 6pm: Thank you for shopping at Yuneec USA Inc.. Your order no. YUS0001935 has been fulfilled. My order was place 3/21. Regards.
  3. Chris McMillan

    Please tell me this is a really old FB post

    Just noticed this on a Facebook link...I just hope it's not current.... As I write this, it's showing the post is 16 hrs old. I thought we were past this point, surely they've left China? Anybody speak Italiano and can follow this back and see it's origin. I hope it was put up by a DJI...