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  1. B


    From Yuneec Tech Support - A Reset Feature. See my reply below. I apologize for the late reply, we have been having some systematic errors here on our end. I have read your email and was going to let you know that you can try doing the reset on the Breeze unit if you'd like. What you would have...
  2. T

    Antenna Mod Assitance?

    Hi everyone first off let me ask that anyone that posts to this thread PLEASE stay on topic as well as do not fill this thread up with posts stating rules or asking why I'm wanting to do these mods, I'm just trying to obtain information strictly based on the thread topic! Thank You I'm wanting...
  3. Andrea

    New firmware - Wifi signal loss with the camera remained.

    I upgraded Typhoon H to the new firmware; unfortunately, the problem of the wifi signal loss with the camera remained. I did two flights, after a few minutes after take-off the signal with the camera is lost and comes back after about a minute. So it is no longer lost throughout the flight. It...
  4. Eric

    Signal loss... And now what ?

    What happend if I loose contact with my typhoon H (to far, to height) ? Will it come back home alone ? Do I have something to do, or just wait ? Anyone has tested that ?