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  1. DoomMeister

    Yuneec Downloads

    Due to the inconsistency of Yuneec maintaining their Downloads Section on their websites, this Dropbox repository was created and hosted by Yuneec Skins. The software and firmware can be found here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/wgkmi499g3zky4t/AABukAnZOV7Xw_Bi3WEdl-j-a?dl=0
  2. burnski

    ST16S after android reset no yuneec software on it, Typhoon h plus

    Hallo, but andriod don't chance the user Adress i start the Reset options on my controller. after reset, the yuneec software is not used by autostart and i dont find it in directory. what can i do? i dont find Softeware on the yuneec website for my typhoon h plus!
  3. C

    Can't update or fly

    Yesterday I bought this drone and after a 2 min fly I stopped and put it down for 30 mins. when I went to turn it on, the power button went strait to blue, I thought maybe it was normal but when i connected to it wouldn't fly, so i tried to update, it said there was insufficient battery. i put...
  4. Pilgrim23

    Which software to use for film making?

    Good Morning, I recently purchased a H520 with a E90 and a CGOET camera. I'm starting to really enjoy having fun with this, but am now looking at making some videos. I go fishing a lot and want to make films of my days out. Can anyone please recommend a software package etc that will help me do...
  5. J

    DroneU podcast on merits of H520

    ADU 0715: Why didn't we use the Yuneec H520 to shoot our mapping course? - Drone U™ Pretty long winded and full of self promotion at the beginning, but the bulk of the discussion is on the merits of using the H520 in comparison to a P4. They seem to love the H520 on the whole. The main issue...
  6. G

    ST10+ Bricked

    After installing new firmware, Blank screen on my ST10+. The battery is fully charged and only the power light comes on. Please Help Thank you!!!!
  7. P

    Good News -> MAJOR Update for Typhoon H expected on January 1st

    On Thursday, I attended the 2017 PhotoPlus expo, where Yuneec was an exhibitor. I asked the representative at the booth about upcoming software updates for the H, specifically ones bringing some of the H520 features to the H. He told me that they are not promising anything yet, but to expect...
  8. FlyBry

    Yuneek Typhoon h HDW-S/W-REV Case & Compatibility Database

    Gents, There has been too many Firmware Upgrade anomalies to trust that Yuneek will properly address this issues themselves but there are some actions we can take to get to the bottom of this or at least assist Yuneek in resolving these problems. I have some experience in the electronics...
  9. deMARCOman

    Altering flight height software restrictions

    I understand the FAA reasons for wanting restrictions, however the 400 ft. max height limit on the new Typhoon H is going to be an issue for my remote landscape imaging. And by remote I mean far far from any city, far from any airports, or flight paths. Is there a way around this? Like is there...
  10. FilmIdol

    Not able to communicate through USB

    I was trying to do an inspection of a 1,000' radio tower using the Typhoon. Imagine my surprise when I hit 400' and it wouldn't go any higher (yes, I know there are legalities over that height, but it was a protected tower with lights and everything). I found I can adjust max-height by using...