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st16 &cgo3

  1. T

    Mounting the CGO3+ Pro to something and get pan/tilt from the controller (st16)

    I want to mount the Gimbal and Camera to a camera dolly, It has power and works to stabilize. Using Pins for power. Pins labeled TX and PWN are not connected (should they be?) and I want to use an ST16 to control the pan/tilt of the gimbal. I have tried ALOT of ways, but pan and tilt ONLY work...
  2. Joneshd3488

    Bind Multiple CGO3+ to ST16?

    After searching the forum, I'm unable to find any feedback on this topic, so if it has already been covered in another thread, I hope someone can redirect. Otherwise, my problem is this: I now have two CGO3+ cams complete with gimbal...one stock lens, and one with a Peau 8.25 My goal is to...
  3. Magic

    Output power wifi - measurement

    Hi guys . At once I ask to excuse for correctness of language - I translate through Google I thought about measuring the signal strength of the camera's transmitter. I downloaded a couple of app on the tablet for a less truthful result .. The result of the measurements was not very...