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steve carr

  1. D

    Drone version Q500 4k

    hello just a quick question is this the latest drone version This appear on binding process or do i need to update?please see my attach file
  2. D

    St10+ black screen

    Help, I open my st10 to double check my antenna mod,after i close it again i turn on my transmitter i dont see anything on the screen at all.any help please Thanks
  3. S


  4. D

    Main LED blinking yellow between flight

    everytime i fly the quad main led flashes yellow,white,purple im in angle mode.then i take the quad down did a compass calibration and accelometer calibrate nothing change still blinking.i notice also when i start to fly the quad away from main led flashes yellow repeatedly..maybe someone could...
  5. hiflyer1

    S10+ or Other Antenna Mod

    Hello All, Any one had or tried the mod on the S10+ Transmitter that gives better distance and better video quality? I put the modification on late yesterday PM and was I surprised at the video quality I received on the S10+. My GoPro3+ video came thru much better. I haven't tried the distance...