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stick problem

  1. WTFDproject

    Check your hardware monitor

    It's early in the flying season. Folks are starting to fly birds that have been in storage for weeks or even months. And we are seeing an increase in reports linked to bad controller performance that occurred during flight. Please make it a habit to check your stick / slider/ knobs / etc. in...
  2. fly101

    ST16 Control Stick Problems

    Ok guys it seems there are serious problem with the control stick programing on the ST16's.. I have been told by Yuneec my st16 needs the control sticks replaced and then the repair shops get it and they say its not the sticks its a firmware problem.. 3 times.. each time it comes back and works...
  3. Peter Fly

    Ajusting the throtle

    How can I adjust it? On the picture you can see that its not in the middle?