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take off

  1. M

    Problems with take off in GPS mode with my Typhoon H PLUS

    Ok here´s a pic from my ST16s. I binded drone and camera again. Calibrated compass. ( Earlier I checked updates and got message no update needed) Drone won´t start engines from control unit red button. Only if I change to "MANUAL MODE" it starts and flies without GPS. When trying to start...
  2. L

    Doesn't take off

    I got a brand new Breeze 4K. Battery charge, and WiFi connection was ok, but won't take off ( Motors don't turn). All icons are in blue except for infrared sensor in yellow, since it is on the ground. I reloaded the app in my iPhone X but still doesn't work. Any advice?
  3. NicoCaldo

    Crash during take off

    So, I have experimented this problem since day one and I never understood why. It happens almost randomly that, when I take off, sometimes the drone start to make a crazy circle in the air and crash. Every time I set my drone on the ground, and switch it on. When I am connected with it with my...
  4. M

    Bouncing up after landing

    Hi All, Ok I have a wee problem as of the past two flights. My H has been perfect since its maiden flight last Oct 2016. It is the pro RS version. Lat two flights when I have landed (perfectly as usual) I have let go of the throttle to move my left index finger to the red button to kill the...