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  1. Y

    Just bought a Q500 4k, any tips?

    Is there anything you wish you had known when you first got started flying this thing? (I have a ton of experience on DJI Phantom 3/4, Mavic Pro, Autel Evo, and FPV quadcopters, so I already know that practicing is very important. :)) Thanks, guys.
  2. Nobel Drones

    Amusement Park Aerial photography ideas SIX FLAGS GREAT ESCAPE

    Hi Guys im going to six flags great escape in a few days with a day camp of about 75 ppl. im looking for some ideas or cool shots these shots have to come out very good since its the major trip of the summer! Thank You! BTW SIX FLAGS GREAT ESCAPE IS A AMUSEMENT PART BTW X2 I HAVE THE TYPHOON...
  3. W

    What the user manual didn't tell me, but should have.

    There are 2 basic types of Typhoon H and ST16: The first Typhoon H has an ST16 with 2 external antennas, the UAV has 2 2.4GHz wire antennas taped horizontally to the sides of the UAV body. The second improved Typhoon H has an ST16 with 3 external antennas, the UAV has 2 2.4GHz wire antennas...
  4. A

    Breeze "tripod mode" little tip...

    I upload a video demo of the little tip: If you shot on 60fps (720p) mode turning the breeze speed at minimum too and then slow down the video at 1/2 with the same breeze app (edit mode in gallery) or other edition software... then you get a smooth video similar to the tripod mode on Mavic...
  5. OregonDrone

    Fred's Tips

    Hello everyone! I thought I'd start a thread to help all those just getting started. Many of these tips can be applied to your other video/photography also. So here we go... Tip #1 - Light is everything! All the photos and video you take are dependent on some sort of light source. When I think...