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toilet bowl

  1. K

    I guess I will have to live with it

    I recently had a crash with my Typhoon h. I replaced all the broken parts props top shell bottom shell. Recalibrated everything. Charged up all my batteries. I took it out in the backyard for a test flight and everything went well. At about 10 to 15 ft it didn't want to descend anymore no big...
  2. DCH

    Time for a fresh Flush of the Toilet Bowl

    Hi all, new member here first post ever. Forgive the old subject (and the length) but I have combed the forum on the Toilet Bowl (TB) subject and haven't found what I am looking for, ...a fix. I am an old drone pilot and a new H Pro owner for one month now. I love the H and have had no issues...
  3. ricmitch

    toilet bowl and failure to decend correctly

    Todays flight has a combination of toilet bowl and very slow to decend, Here is the link to my google drive share. telemetry - Google Drive The problem was at the end of the flight, If anyone can interperet I would apprieciate it. I have had the slow decend problem the last few flights now...
  4. S

    Typhoon H Pro Becomes Unstable at 14.3V

    Hello all, I just bought my Typhoon H Pro kit a little under a month ago from best buy. First and foremost i LOVE this drone. My first drone ever and I no doubt made the right choice after many months of research. It pains me to post about this not even a month after purchase but I need help...
  5. chiloschista

    Why there are H flying well and other not, after firmware upgrade?

    Hello ensemble, after some thinking why my H does no more fly as it was at first and after THoff note on another thread I checked for level the floor where I do accelerometers calibration. The floor is level. Then what? Well the landing gear is level, what about the controller board? I checked...
  6. S

    Typhoon H toilet bowl crash video

    07/30 Update - Received the drone back from Yuneec 2 days ago and the problem still exists! According to the inspection report the GPS module was replaced. I conducted 3 successful accelerometer calibrations followed by seemingly successful compass calibrations and the toilet bowl continues to...