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    Advice after my first crash and repair - chapter 2

    I got tangled in a branch and... you can imagine what happened. I've replaced all the broken parts and when turning the bird on to calibrate everything, noticed that my CGO 3 Pro vibrates something terrible. It vibrates very quickly and hums due to the speed of the vibration. If I grab ahold...
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    GoPro Camera Vibration Noise on Typhoon G

    Hi guys, I'm new to this drone flying business and was lucky enough to win the TYPHOON G at a work function. However, I find there is a lot of vibration noise on the raw footage (See Video) taken with my GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition. Is this normal? Plus I'm wondering if Yuneec have stopped...
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    Typhoon h camera vibration

    Hello, I bought my typhoon h from france. I love the drone, but the camera is not that good . I feel that there is a lot of micro shake and vibration, no steady hold camera. Also a blurred video and not sharp. Some fixed this by replacing a new high quality lens, but i'm not that geek to do it...