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video corruption

  1. E

    Second 5 min video chunk wont play

    I've done a few flights with my new Typhoon H - all recording for about 8-9 min. So I usually get two .mp4 files. The first one always plays correctly but I usually get a Windows Media Player error on the second file: "Windows Media Player cannot play the file. The Player might not support...
  2. F

    Camera issues

    My first post and glad to be here. My question is last week, my video was red and black and green bars, sometimes almost looking thermal like. I was less then 100 feet from base. After changing card it was better but still occured. Later I crashed about 6 feet up and camera cables disconnected...
  3. P

    Video Corruption from stopping drone before ending video recording

    I recently did some cool photog on the beach and accidentally turned off the drone before I hit the stop recording button. The file exists but can't be read. I have read some threads that describe downloading and buying repair tools. I have done that but none seem to bring things back to...