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video lag

  1. Arkansas Pilot

    What is causing BRAND NEW H's video to freeze up, normal, freeze up and normal

    Originally, had problem flying in smart mode until I figured out I was to close to the H. Once I got up it up and flying, no more than 50 meters away at about 15 meters in height, the video began freezing up and ended up having to fly it by line of sight or ATTI mode. Which I am good at. But...

    ST16 Video Latency & DJI's new Controller

    I was asked on the Phantom forum if I could post a video regarding the video latency of the new DJI Phantom 4 controller. DJI is telling everyone that their new controller has minimal video lag. DJI is entering an area that Yuneec has had for awhile now, which is integrating the screen with the...