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  1. R

    Breeze over water

    I know, first off it says plainly in the manual do not fly the Breeze over water or other shiny surface... But I live on the Chesapeake Bay, near water almost always. I've flown it over water at altitude twice with great results, though I came back over a floating dock before descending. I'm...
  2. TimboSlice

    Expanding Boundries

  3. P

    Färjsundet, Åland (Cut version)

    Finally got around to cutting the video I posted previously and I also added quite a bit of effects to the video. In retrospect I should probably have trimmed another half minute or so from the video but you'll just have to live with one scene beeing a bit too long. ;-)
  4. m1llipede

    First test of Panorama feature

    First test of the Panorama feature in the new firmware. I flew out over the channel in New Buffalo, Michigan, hovered and took these. It was very easy. I used Photoshop to stich these together, but for a first attempt I'm very happy. It would be great if you could also bracket expose each shot...
  5. N

    Typhoon H is not waterproof...

    Flying my Typhoon H today- (replacement sent by Yuneec as the first one had an issue right out of the box). I am flying over a river 75 feet up, 300 feet away- getting amazing footage. Lots of action on the river, boats/kayaks/tubes etc... I have been flying for 8 minutes... on a full charge...
  6. M

    My q500 g sank... but it still flies!

    This past weekend I had an incident where my q500 g had a crashed into a dock, and it flipped over and went underwater, about 9 feet down. The copter remained powered on while I dove in and retrieved it (in about 50 degree water, 40 degree air, brrrrrrrr). It was making the "flatline" sound...