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wifi problem

  1. B

    Never flown - Red flashing - one second yellowish - red flashing

    Hi guys, I got the drone today and it seems the WiFi signal doesn't work. As I read on many formus that the reset will do the job, well it did not in my case, still the same. I got the red solid light, after that I got one second of yellowish color on the right wing and then blinking red. Any...
  2. D

    How to downgrade firmware?

    Hello! I make my firmware update in Ukraine. After that i have a problem with WIFI. If even after reset i get green light blinking, I still dont see my yuneec breeze available in list. As I understand, I need to downgrade firmware. How to do downgrade? Please help!
  3. A

    yuneec breeze 4k wifi not showing on phones.

    Hi. I bought a new yuneec breeze drone from usa. And i came to Turkey. I flyed a few days with my phone. After a few days, i started the drone. But wifi wasnt showing. I reseted the drone a lot of time, but still same. i wanted to firmware update. But i think i cant upgrade without wifi. I...
  4. S

    can't see wifi hotspot yuneec breeze 4k

    Hello guys, i've got a breeze 4k from usa i wasnt able to see breeze hotspot. after reading a lot on this forum i change the firmware to the famous "firmware.bin" every think was great for the first flight, after first flight the "Breeze cam" ask me to update firmware to breeze_V0.1.47_F i...
  5. WaltzingPablo

    Should I buy a Breeze?

    Hi everyone. A few years back, I would have given my left arm to buy the Typhoon H. Things are slightly different now, and so is my budget. I really like the look of the Breeze. I mean - I REALLY like it. However....... Keep reading what look like horror stories to do with wifi connectivity...
  6. K

    Wifi problems

    Hello all, I recently bought a Breeze, the first thing it did when I connected to it was to upgrade the firmware to the latest version. I'm on the latest firmware and the latest app version, located in the EU. Ever since the first time I've been having major problems with the wifi-connection...