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  1. L

    Windows Tablet As Controller? Any Ideas

    I've tried using AmiDUoS and Bluestacks with no luck. Has anyone been able to get the Breeze to work with a Windows (10) tablet? I'd like to see my video live on a larger screen. If there a way to see the video separately from while controlling the Breeze with my phone if no...
  2. H

    Windows version of CGO3+ App?

    Does anyone know if there exists such a thing? The CGO3+ app is great for viewing video on iOS or Android but I need it to work on a Windows platform. Thanks
  3. Chris McMillan

    Who uses a drone simulator?

    Anyone out there got any thoughts on using the " yunsim" simulator on computers? I use a Mac, but would be able to get hold of PC if it's worthwhile. I assume the new ST16 would be compatible with any software. Was there also some talk of a new sim specifically for the "H".