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    CG03+ wire repair

    Still learning how to fly and crashed my Typhoon H today. The camera separated from the drone but the part of the gimbal that clips into the drone and attaches to the rails stayed connected to the body of the drone. This caused the wires to stay connected to the circuit board in the rail...
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    I had a little bit of a hard landing (I didnt think it was bad enought for this to happen but it did) it didnt tip over or anything but someof the wires on the gimbal came off and Im not sure which ones go where, if anyone can help I would really appreciate it. THANKS in adavance.
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    Light Crash, Camera Wire Broke, Fixed but no Tilt or Pan

    I'm new to this forum and am struggling to find a previously posted thread with this back story but I'm further along now ( will be sure to subscribe to this one). I find the drone a bit difficult to land. I was landing on a picnic table and rolled off. Broke the Gimbal clips and I broke the...