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yuneec q500

  1. T


    I bought a used a q500 with the cgo2 camera in very good condition. The camera however had had issues from day 1. It would not work half the time. It would do this twitching and make a few beeping noises. I seen on YouTube where you can adjust the weight on the back of it by turning it. I tried...
  2. Yun520

    Yuneec Q500 and Xiaomi mi drone review

    Yuneec Q500 4k review Yuneec Typhoon Q500 4K Drone Review Xiaomi mi drone review Xiaomi MI Drone review in 4k camera, unboxing, design, software and flight test ec. I found above awesome reviews, both of them are very more details on its design, controller,video camera, flight test etc. My...
  3. M

    Q500 with Chroma receiver to use Spektrum DX6

    So I was wondering if anyone else has tried this. Replacing the Yuneec receiver with the receiver that is in the Blade Chroma Spektrum BNF. I traced the wires out and was able to get it installed. I am using the DX6 and so far it seems to function just like the Chroma. Im not using the camera at...
  4. K

    All lights on, centre light flashing, annoying tune playing - see vid. Please help!

    Hi all, Really needing your help with my Q500 repairs! I had a crash and needed to replace an ESC. A new one has been installed but now the drone isn't connecting to the GUI. It now places a somewhat elaborate tune (which is slowly driving me mad), all rear/front lights are on permanently and...
  5. OregonDrone

    April in The Columbia River Gorge

    What's up! Shot this footage on my Q500 4K. Some of the stuff was shot on my Panasonic GX8. You can compare the quality of both cameras.