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Q500 with Chroma receiver to use Spektrum DX6

Jun 24, 2016
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So I was wondering if anyone else has tried this. Replacing the Yuneec receiver with the receiver that is in the Blade Chroma Spektrum BNF. I traced the wires out and was able to get it installed. I am using the DX6 and so far it seems to function just like the Chroma. Im not using the camera at this time.. I just wanted to see if this was possible?

The three modes i currently have working are the Smart mode, AP mode and Return to Home. So now I am on the mission to see if i can get it into different flight modes like Stability, Agility or even the STAGILITY modes.
Interesting idea. I am curious if you will change the throttle part of the gimbal to center springed (As the ST10/+ is) or leave it in standard form?
Currently,the DX6 throttle gimbal is in the standard form. I have noticed that the Q500 will not lift off the ground until i get well past the half way point of the DX6 Throttle gimbal controls. I am still figuring out positioning of the controls and settings. I did change a mix on the DX6 and was able to find a different flight setting (BLUE LED color). this setting i am able to turn on and off with the assigned H switch. It made the Q500 fly fast!! I had to give it a lot of throttle to prevent it from nose diving into the ground as I flew forward at these new speeds. The flight characteristics are similar but not exact to the Blade Chroma. Still a work in progress.
Alright... So I just ran two batteries thru this Q500 and WOW..FUN FUN FUN.... I am using the Modded Chroma setup with the ability to get the BLUE (Stability) mode. (NO GPS). I have the Smart mode, AP mode, Return home and then switchable Stability Mode. These are great for doing video and all but if you just want to get out and race around.. then this thing is a blast in Stability mode. I do have one small glitch... There is a certain point when I turn and yaw, that occasionally the quad doesnt know what direction to point in. Kinda spins in circle until I ease up on it or let go of one of the sticks for a second and it realigns and off we go again. I was probably pushing it a bit ...lol.

I tattempted to use the 350QX setup with the STAGILITY MODE, but it doesn't work ... at least not yet.. Still messing around with it.

Is there anyone else that had done this yet? Let me know your thoughts. and if you know any tweaks in programing that can help.

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