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yuneec typhoon

  1. S

    Joystick calibration

    Hello my name is shamarr. Recently ive noticed that my typhoon H has been drifting alittle to the right. Having this same H brought to yuneec for a fly away i begine to have flashbacks of such a dreadful day. Anywho i did countless calibrations and nothing worked. Finally it hit me and i checked...
  2. Eleopardi

    First flight ever - Yuneec Typhoon 4k

    Hey Everyone, I'm new to the forum. I've been in the TV business for quite a while, and I recently got a Yuneec Typhoon to tinker with and see what I can create. This is my very first drone, and the footage in the video is quite literally my very first flight... So, it's far from perfect, but...
  3. OregonDrone

    April in The Columbia River Gorge

    What's up! Shot this footage on my Q500 4K. Some of the stuff was shot on my Panasonic GX8. You can compare the quality of both cameras.