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1st flights - thoughts and questions

May 26, 2016
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1st flight - no issues

For the money I am very very happy with this hex.

Video quality is excellent and the gimbal is very stable.

Couple of questions:

1 - takes at least 3 minutes to get a wifi connection and camera feed everytime I power on - is that a normal time?

2 - I lost the camera connect twice while setting up on the ground - is this normal? (not lost while flying though)

3 - There is a noticeable delay in the live feed from the camera - enough that I watch the gimbal start to pan and when I look down I see the start of the pan - somewhere around a 1/2 second delay - is that normal?

There are few things I do not like

1 - the ST16 screen is like a bloody mirror!

2- No switch to drop out of GPS mode in a emergency (I am used to DJI aircraft)

3 - the hex came in a cardboard box without the rucksack - but packed in a polystyrene case which is obviously what is inside the rucksack as its not a cube but the same shape.

Overall very happy with the product.
Welcome to the forum.
It is a known issue that the camera takes forever to connect.
Unless you have NASA's budget, yes there is going to be a bit of a lag.
I have been having so much just flying around, I have not really played with the camera much, but I find it extremely stable even in high winds. Was just messing around in 20+ MPH gust and let go of the controls and she just sits there.
We have all have complained about the display
see post:ST-16 Brightness
and several have gotten anti glare shields that are used on tablets.
I am not a big fan of the supplied foam case but it will work for now.
I want a soft foam case that has pockets for everything.
Just flew mine for the first time. Noticed some twitching when using the right stick. Not as bad in rabbit though. Weird compared to other quads I have built and flown including my Q500.
Rucksack, hum uuum. Ya know I didn't poboy my H and I'm very happy with it. Have you updated the firmware. I know I have.
I hope you have better experience with it.
update: I have spoken to Yuneec about the camera and they are very aware and trying to find a fix - shame they didnt before sending them out.

Still very happy overall

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