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Broken CGO3 - Options?

Nov 5, 2022
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I recently bought used Q500 4K from a flea market for pretty cheap (100 euros) and seemed to have everything. However saw that the camera wires had broken (which seems to happen often) so I connected it with the extra cable. However it still wasn't working, the controller turns on and connects to the drone but it cannot connect to the camera. It does get some power as I can see lights at the "middle" of the gimbal but not in front. So I start looking into it and open it up and... The board is pretty busted. Most likely it got shorted in some way when the wires got ripped and feels like someone has opened it before.
I have looked into it a bit and the bigger one that is bust seems to be voltage regulator chip and it might be replaceable. However the two small SMT chips are also completely bust and those might be very hard to fix. Here are some pictures I took: Drone - Google Drive
So now I am wondering what my options are to make this thing work. One would be to try to fix the board by buying new chips and soldering them in. Other one is to buy a new camera but that is probably not worth it. I do have a Gopro Hero3 so one option would be to get the Gopro Gimbal and use that instead. I did wonder if I could just buy the whole board but apparently it requires calibration and the company would have to do that so the final option would be to just sell it for parts, I imagine I would at least get my moneys back as in the end it was pretty cheap.
But what recommendations you have?
I would try to supply it with 5V at the 5V side just to see what is working and what not. Maybe this side is also shorted (to be checked before). If so I would carefully remove the regulator chip and try again.
The camera itself works with 5V only. For the gimbal I'm not sure. Maybe it needs 12V for whatever.

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