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First the gimbal, now the camera

Dec 30, 2015
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Sent my brand new (three week old) camera and gimbal back to Yuneecusa for exchange/repair for the tilted horizon syndrome. Took exactly a month to get back. Should have checked it out three weeks ago but the weather sucked and high winds most of the days I had off. Now we have a nice 70 degree day with light wind so I charge up the batteries and mounted the camera for a pre-flight. The camera will not link to the controller. I'm worst off now than before I sent the camera in. They should have sent a brand new one rather than a piece of **** from the recycle box. I feel like setting it up at 300yds and taking it out with my 300LM. Owned this piece of crap for three months and two trips out to show for it. And piss poor video at that. Should have gotten DJI Phantom. Ever heard the term flamin redass??
Have you checked the settings on the St10 to make sure it's paired to the new camera? Its just like adding new wifi in your house and re-pairing every device in your house to your new wifi.
Thanks for all the replies fellas. I finally got the idea to link it to my phone with the hand piece just to make sure it was "active" with the wifi. I got it to work! It had the tilt thing going on as I moved it side to side. Finally I tilted it hard right until it vibrated and hard left until it vibrated again. It seemed to stay level then so I mounted it on the bird and went through the select camera and binding again and the **** thing came alive. Seems to stay level with bird hand held so I'm going to go out next weekend to give it a try. Again, thanks for all the tips and helpful advice. Oh, I didn't have a card in it at first either. That might have been the issue initially but I seem to remember powering up before on the bird without a card. Maybe not.
If you'd bought the Phantom, you'd be fighting with a firmware update:eek::mad:

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