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I've had a Q500+ for a while now and I pre-ordered a typhoon H a couple of months ago. I received it a week ago and today one side of the landing gear decided not to work anymore. I'll be calling ingenious Ingenuity tomorrow. Other than that all I can say is this thing is amazing. Hopefully I can get everything handled ASAP and get my H back up in the air. I guess I'll be flying the Q for a while. Oh well, stuff happens
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Had the same issue and kind of just bumped it while activating it with props off, and it has worked ever since! They have a small gear drive on each landing gear and it might just be stuck. I also have heard you can turn it upside down and activate the landing gear and that helps also! Can't hurt to give it a try!

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Thanks for that information. I swapped landing gear legs and the same leg still didn't work. They are sending me a new landing gear motor.
Salutations! New to RC flying. 1st run was a Typhoon 4K Quad. Worked great and was a pleasure to fly. Just traded it in for the Typhoon H Pro (arriving Saturday). Was getting a bit excited till I read about the issues. Still optimistic, but will be doing A LOT of reading prior to maiden flight. Links for tips on the Pro would be great. See ya round cyber land.
Hello. I would like to say hello to everyone also. Just didn't wanted to start a new thead to welcome this forum :)

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