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Loss of 2.4GHz signal, if it happens, what does the A/C do?

Oct 27, 2021
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I looked at some other posts of lost 2.4GHz signal , but, didn't get the info I was looking for... so, here are some questions.
Looking to find some info on the 2.4GHz signal range for 2 Yuneec models. For the H+ it appears to be up to 1 mile in best conditions. I would take this to mean about 0.75 mile as an average. For lost signal... I mean just the 2.4, the GPS Sats are all fine and dandy and in the Green. If signal is lost it bounces to the 5.8 freq with reduced accuracy until you can regain 2.4. But, does the A/C stay in Active mode or go into RTH or RTL by itself. And if complete loss of 2.4 signal... what happens?

Now for the Q500+(white version) with the ST10+ controller. I can find no info on the range of the 2.4GHz. Also, the controller has no icon(that I know of) that shows lost signal. Once again, sats are all in good status. What is the range and happens now with the loss of signal while flying?

Also, with any of the above models if you should fly out of range or simply have 2.4GHz signal loss for whatever reasons, if you switch to RTH or RTL is the A/C able to return.
My reasons for asking the above questions is simply, to better prepare myself if and when such an event happens to me while flying. I have read past posts of users experiencing such events and not really knowing of how to properly react. I thank all who take the time to to respond.
The H+ will go into auto loiter mode on control signal loss, if the 5.8GHz WiFi redundancy is still making some connection the auto loiter will extend for several minutes although reaction to control sticks may be sluggish or non existent. On full loss of communication it will do an auto RTH. Switching to RTL (Home) mode may work if redundancy is able to communicate the change. If possible it is advisable to close the distance to the aircraft to try and regain connection.

I will leave the Q500 to those more familiar with it. On loss of control signal it should perform an auto RTH.
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If Q500 has GPS fix it will do RTH when 2.4GHz connection is missing for some seconds. I do not know the exact threshold but it is in the area 2-5sec. RTH will be stopped when pilot regains control.
If there is no GPS support available it will loiter until auto-land is raised due to low voltage.
I do know from experience that my Q 500+ white body, was lost for 3 months. A farmer found it in his corn field. Some how it just kept flying and landed gracefully,only 1 broken prop. It hed been through several wind and rain storms,laanded nose down gently. I assume it auto landed. I let it dry out,cleaned it up and replaced the prop. Did all checks and recalibrations and it still flies to this day 2 years later. Cause. I had not flown it in 3 months and ws in a hurry totry a new battery external kit and aftermarket battery 5200 mah, and also had a new leg brace installed. I barely let the craft warm up or properly acquire sattelites and I am sure not enough gps data so it pretty much took off out of control, totally my fault a very stupid mistake. I have flown out to 1200 feet ,and once to 1600 feet accidently,and managed to have a normal fly back.I did learn to be more careful. Also forgot to mention I did a reconstruction roughly on google pro maps and the drone actually flew 6,000 feet before it decided to land. I have read where some fliers actually chased the out of range drone down in their vehicle and recovered the flight. Mine would have not done that as it was on it's own.
Peace KC
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The video signal will be lost well before the control signal is lost on both the H and Q500. The 2.4 GHz signal has much longer range than the 5.8 GHz video signal.
When in doubt about the control signal, always change to Home Mode until you can see the orientation of the aircraft. Then return to Angle mode to continue the flight.

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