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New guy in Phoenix

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Kenny216, Jul 7, 2016.

  1. Kenny216

    Jun 20, 2016
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    Well my name is Kenny and I just recently bought a Typhoon H to use in my video productions. This is my first actual drone that I have owned. I have flown a few of my buddies drones and rc helicopters etc, but if anyone has any advice they wouldn't mind giving or suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. It is en route for delivery today from Yuneec since I did what I'm assuming most newbs do and crashed it on my second flight haha. Oops.
  2. DroneClone

    Mar 2, 2016
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    What do you mean second flight! More like the FIRST one! LOL Welcome aboard ! See some tips to help get started below!

    1. Here we go boys and girls ! Feel free to add to this list, and let's keep it to the point ! Hopefully It will save many questions and heartaches! To ALL !( I Harvey I hope you don't mind my editing some, i.e also take off on Obstacle Avoidance)
      Please Read T his and "ALL" Manuals and Quick Start Cards Before First Flight, and Frequently !

      1. Be smart and don't use Smart mode when taking off or landing, only when using Follow Me mode, etc. If you choose to use Smart Mode at any time, remember to stay a minimum of 26' from you and the controller at all times !.
      2. Check and make sure Obstacle Avoidance is turned off before take off and landing.
      3. Calibrate your compass before first flight and after each firmware update to the aircraft. Also when traveling significant distance from home ( Your discretion)You may also consider doing a Accelerometer and IMU calibration, especially if the H fly's or hovers erratically!.Make Sure to do Accelerometer and IMU calibrations on a table, level ground, that is tested level! You will get proper led color configuration of Green-Smart Mode and Purple- Angle Mode before lift of if calibration was successful !
      4. Low battery warning will come on between 14.3V and 14.6v but you might want to land before then but, at least, be prepared to be in a decent landing area when you get below 15v.
      5. Landing gear does not auto-deploy except in RTH, look at your drone when landing and think about what you're doing.
      6. If your ST16 rattles, you have a loose fan, pull off rubber grips to remove screws and fix
      7. If you decide to put a SD card into your ST16, turn the ST16 upside down before doing so since you're less likely to lose your card into the controller
      8. Always remember to turn ST16 "ON" first, then Typhoon H after ST16 has booted up, And reverse these steps when turning off.
      9. Remember when filming in "Video Mode" to turn off video filming before turning off the H and the ST16 or you "Can" lose your video, and may have to turn H on and off again to restore.
      10. Make sure gimbal cover is removed before firing up the H, Will save damaging gimbal motors and gears. Also prevent burn out on the camera sensor!.
      11. Always check rear status lights for proper color combinations of flashing purple and white, or minimum of a solid purple, Always check number of satellites before take off, a safe number should be a minimum of 8.
      12. If using Smart Mode and options as cable cam, POI, follow me , etc. Remember that you must have a blinking purple/white to succeed in connecting.
      13. Remember that when using RTH(Return to Home) to make sure that you have a minimum of 30' clearance of unobstructed path to home, "IF" you are flying at or below 30' when switching to Home Mode. ( If you are above 30', it will return to Home at the altitude you are flying currently at.
      14.If not using you H battery for more than 10 days, fly/hover them down for storage to 50-60%, DO NOT store fully charged for any extended period of time, Also if on the other hand, you have flown your batteries below 50%, charge them up to 50-60% for storage. Storage of more than 10 days at full charge or under 50% can lead to battery life loss and/or battery swelling and even fire.
      15. Every 12 flights or so, check all screws, motors, gimbal/camera mounts and accessories for snugness. DO NOT over tighten, just snug them down if loosening.
      16. DO NOT use RED button to land your aircraft from short distances from ground (6-12") To land successfully, Turn off Obstacle Avoidance, be in ANGLE MODE and make sure landing gear are deployed !. Lower H slowly to ground not stopping 1-2 feet above ground and hovering(Vortex will form). Just slowly lower gently to ground and hold LEFT STICK completely downward for 2-3 seconds to idle motors and then release. Now you can press red button to kill motors.
      17. Allow batteries to cool to room temperature before charging.
      18. Check your props for any nicks or cracks BEFORE and after each flight. DO NOT FLY WITH ANY DAMAGED PROPS.
      19. .. Do a preflight check before takeoff. 1) Check that all propellers are secure and in good condition. 2) Check flight mode is the one you want (Angle, etc.), 3) Check whether you are in Turtle Mode or Rabbit Mode, 4) Check Obstruction Avoidance is set to OFF. 5) Check camera mode. (I like to have camera pointing to front and parallel to ground on take off.), 6) Check battery level is what you expect to ensure adequate flight time. 7) Check battery is inserted into H all of the way. 8) Check localweather to avoid excessive wind speed, rain, dust, etc.)
      20. Make sure to install SD Card into H camera if you are planning to save your photo's and/or video's.

      #1DroneClone, Jun 5, 2016
  3. Kenny216

    Jun 20, 2016
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    Haha second flight, first day. Thank you for that list