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Positive Yuneec Customer Service Experience

May 5, 2016
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I have to say despite having all the negative comments about Yuneec. I have had one of the most pleasant experiences thus far. As many of you know from my post “Help Typhoon H Won't Power Up“ my drone conked out on me the 5th of July when I took her to a new spot for a flight early morning around 6AM. Just quick recap of my issue, initial power up no problem going thru check list noticed I forgot to install SD card in camera (bone head move). I powered down the drone to install card. Then poof, nothing, nada no power.

So I made post on our site to see if anyone else had experienced this symptom, tired bunch of things then I figured I need to call Yuneec CS. I called them about 7 AM, I’m in California (Bay Area) too so time was no issue. The rep was very understanding had me try a few things then said looks like she needs to come back. I said crap, I have a trip on the 25th and I was planning on bringing the drone along for the family reunion. He said he can’t promise anything because they don’t know what’s wrong till they get it, but he will put a note in the RMA just stating that fact of my trip. I said, “fair enough”. I’m a former Marine and he is in the Nation Guard so we B.S. about that while he was taking down my information. He got all the information he need and told me to check my email for the RMA and return instructions he was sending the UPS return label thru UPSas well. He said to be on the safe side he is also going to send the shipping label via Yuneec email just to be on the safe side. He asked me if I needed anything else and I said no then said “Have a Yuneec Day”, I know kind of corny buy hey it’s their tag line so go with it. Went home packed up the drone and took it to the UPS hub. She was on her way by 12PM. Since I’m in CA too, the drone reached Yuneec on the 7th of July. I figured OK well that sucks for me but you know crap happens and I’m too old to get too pissed off and since I’m in charge of multi-million dollar test system even those go down at the worst possible time so “Hey”. Anyway, I figured I would not do call for an update for a few days to let them catch up as the rep told me they have some drones in already that they were working on. So the following Thursday 14th. I did not hear anything from Yuneec so I decided to call C.S. the rep was pleasant ask for my information and told me H’mm we don’t have the drone checked in yet, but that doesn’t mean it’s not here. I said “Huh that doesn’t make sense they should have a log of what the S&H department was receiving and pass that along to you guys, so customer service knows what drone came in when. He told me they have a system to ensure the drones are processed first in first out. So again, I ask then you should know where it is in the building at least. I told him “I know it’s there because I checked UPS and it was signed for”. Anyway, he told me that once the drone is checked in I would get an email. OK, I figured maybe I need to take a step back and look at this again they probably have a line of people in front of me and the first rep did not promise me anything. I said I’ll call tomorrow if I don’t hear from Yuneec just to follow up. I also asked the Yuneec rep on our site to follow up as well. Friday morning I get an email from Yuneec Tech Service “This message is to inform you that your inspection is in progress. Our highly trained technicians will be putting your product through our carefully designed multiple point inspection. This is to ensure the repair was successful and your product is functioning correctly.” I thought this is not right it’s fixed already one day? The Yuneec rep on the site told me yes they did find an issue and replaced the ESC and recalibrated so the drone is repaired and it’s going over to shipping today. Well later that day (Friday) I get a shipping notice and the drone is on its way back.

So all in all I’m impressed with Yuneec, I know there have been hiccups but that could do with supply chain on parts, which happens with every new product launch. I don’t know of any product that did not have an issue when they were first released and spare parts always lag behind the launch. The main thing for me and this is coming from a technical background as I deal with issues daily. Is how the company reacts to issues that their product has, do they try to work thru the issue in a timely manner and answer your questions or do they make you jump thru hoops and make you feel like you have no idea what you are talking about and that they are doing you a favor by handing the warranty or having your problem looked at.

The only comment I would have for Yuneec is, I know your processing the drones as fast as you can but you really need to get a better handle on the process and inform the rest of the team (receiving, tech support customer service). All team members are aware the date the drones was received by shipping and receiving and where it is in the process. This way they can tell the customer, yes your drone was received on this date and you are in the cue. Now some drones will be finished sooner depending on the situation and length and type of repairs. They kinda missed the check-in process as well. But, bottom line I feel the repairs were done in a timely manner and feel pretty good. Thanks Yuneec.

Anyway just wanted to share my experience and I’ll have her in my grubby little hands tomorrow. Hope I don’t have any issues with her before my trip on the 25th I'll need to get some flights in and hopefully shake thing out now that I'll have all four batteries in.

By the way anyone try "Vufine" product looks promising. I know Bo mentioned it on one of his youtube videos but nothing in depth seems like a useful product since you can still visually see the drone as that the FAA rules. I wear progressive lenses as well so I need to check how the product works with those lenses as well.
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Well all looks good so far, ran thru 3 batteries and everything was working a planned. Also tried out Tuna's app and it worked out great.

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