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Typhoon H batteries alternate

The images seem almost the same length. Is "3 cm longer" correct?
Can you share the printer files needed for the project?
This is some good-looking progress. If the initial flight tests go as planned, it will be even better. Regardless of flight test results, there is much already accomplished here.
Good work.
It looks like the Yuneec battery STL file from


I was always under the impression the 18650 cells would not work for drones due to the C ratings.
I guess it depends on the type of drone you are using them in. Have you been able to test this yet?
not tested yet, windy and rain all day. ASAP. C rating is 10A /battery.
my E bike has 1000w motor, 36V . makes 27.7A. battery is 10S 4P, each cell draw 6.9A current .....
hope to test it soon.... typhoon H, H+, 520
finished and ready to test ( to windy today) 8 cells 18650. 4S 2P each cell 2950 mAh makes 5900mAh, 16,4 V (charged) weight is 475gr. the housing is 6 mm longer than the standard Yuneec to fit the cells, reused the pcb and the connector. printed in PETG.
Still no files?

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