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  1. Peter Bosmans

    Jun 24, 2016
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    Just encountered a peculiar problem today: yesterday i received an ST12 to be able to fly the H in 2-operator setup. Apparently after putting everything in team-mode, the original ST16 becomes the "slave", controlling the gimbal, and the ST12 becomes the "master", actually controlling the H (nothing configurable about this). So far so good.
    However: while flying we noticed some serious problems with the video-link to the ST12. It almost immediately freezes, even before take-off, and when it comes back the reach is close to zero. With the H more than 20 meters away there's basically no more video on the screen of the ST12. RC remains intact. I could live with that as the ST12 is used for controlling the bird, so the pilot needs to keep an eye on it without bothering about the video-feed too much. However: we also noticed a significant drop in video-quality on the ST16. A lot more freezes and lesser reach compared to when operating in single mode.
    Anyone have any idea on what might be the cause of this? I've already tried upgrading the ST12, but there's no updates to be found on Yuneec's site, there's not even any information about the ST12 whatsoever. Am i missing something here?