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Recent content by ActionAndo

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    Typhoon H Peli case for sale

    Not sure if this is the right place so sorry if it's not: Pelican Peli 1660 Case Yuneec Typhoon H Foam Inspire Phantom DJI Hexacopter | eBay
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    360 cameras/panoramic

    Hi All, I may possibly get hold of a 360 camera but am just wondering how the new panoramic setting on the H compared to a full blooded 360 camera (360fly etc). I haven't done the latest FW update as many of you are currently Beta testing it for me. Any thoughts on this based on actual...
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    Thanks Yuneec

    Give them a break, hardly spammy!
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    FPV screen that works

    Yes, the fact that it can just sit on a table by itself is really useful, no tripod needed.
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    At least the Typhoon H didn't get recalled... But Karma just did!

    Sad times all round really. I want to see the industry progress, not take a step back like this. Will be interested to learn more about what actually caused the recall,; whether there were any potentially high profile accidents being smoothed over.
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    FPV screen that works

    Hi all, I know some people have had issues with finding a screen that works with the ST-16 in the past. For some time it put me off getting an additional screen, or at least investing much money in one. Anyway, I thought I'd give you a heads up that I've recently been using one successfully...
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    Video you might like to see; loving the H

    Thanks, I think I just used ND4 and ND8 polar pro filters. That allowed me to slow the shutter speed a bit. But sometimes it was just with the stock lens. Mainly filmed in Natural mode, sometimes Raw.
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    Need help deciding on DJI or Yuneec? This might help.

    Is the nice sharp camera you are referring to the cgo3+? What kind of work have you been using your H for? Clients like it?
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    Need help deciding on DJI or Yuneec? This might help.

    Hi guys, Thought this might be useful (and encouraging!) if you are deciding what to buy or perhaps already own an H. Just a little input from our perspective on one factor involved in choosing between a quad, hex or octo. Let me know what you think. Have been working on the site content for a...
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    Video you might like to see; loving the H

    Hi guys, not posted for a bit as things have been very busy but I thought you might like to see this video. All shot with the H over the last few months. This is probably a good time to say thanks to all those whose insight I've benefited from, forums like this are really useful for learning...
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    Thermal Typhoon H by CopterSource.com

    I tried out the Yuneec thermal camera on an H a few weeks back at a joint emergency services event. Fantastic bit of kit, Yuneec staff were super helpful as well. Lots of color palettes and image overlay etc. Heard a provisional price then but not going to oil the rumour mill. Look forward to...
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    Davinci Resolve 12.5 issue

    Giving the trial a go now, thanks. What settings do you normally use when rendering (produce) @DroneClone?
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    Davinci Resolve 12.5 issue

    Thanks guys, My understanding is that Resolve does support 4k, but if it won't play ball I will move onto something else. Happy to spend money but want to make sure it will still do everything I need. Are you guys using Power Director 14 Ultra? Does it handle 4k footage from the H ok?
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    Davinci Resolve 12.5 issue

    Hi folks, I've been having a play with Davinci Resolve 12.5 due to it having powerful colour grading capabilities. However when I try to render 4k footage with it (footage straight from the H's SD card) the resulting footage is a bit jerky/choppy. Footage straight off the card is fine. Anyone...
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    Free video player, editor and transcoder

    Sorry to dredge up an old(ish) thread but did you ever find a solution to the stuttering problem Glider? I'm using Resolve 12.5 and whatever settings i throw at it when rendering it comes out stuttery! Anyone got any ideas on this? Thanks!