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Recent content by asspajamas

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    *SOLD*Typhoon H bundle for sale! Price drop!*SOLD*

    I would prefer PayPal. Does that work?
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    *SOLD*Typhoon H bundle for sale! Price drop!*SOLD*

    My phone was off center.. nothing is wrong with the H. Yes I would take $550
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    *SOLD*Typhoon H bundle for sale! Price drop!*SOLD*

    Batteries have been charged around 10 times since new. 1 minor crash, camera was replaced with a new one.
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    *SOLD*Typhoon H bundle for sale! Price drop!*SOLD*

    Sold!!!!!!! SOLD!!!!!!!!Yuneec typhoon h bundle for sale. Sold...Everything works perfectly. Comes with: 20 props,3 batteries, 2yuneec chargers, backpack, and all accessories. Drone and all equipment In perfect shape. Has around 10 uses since new. Would like $600 free shipping I want it gone...
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  10. Typhoon h

    Typhoon h

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    SOLD!!!! Complete H for parts/ repair.

    Sold sold sold!! Thank you Wtfdprojects!!!! a complete typhoon h with camera and st-16. Comes with battery and all accessories The drone itself works. The camera connects and works, but gimbal won’t respond to controller. Controller sticks are messed up and not working correct, but other than...
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    H won’t stay centered.

    Thanks norwisc pilot.. I’ll start there.
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    H won’t stay centered.

    It’s my second H I bought it for parts . I is a complete drone with good camera and ground station for 250$ I haven’t done any calibrations yet. I was told it was gps or main board by previous owner. Just seeing if I should use it for parts or get it flying again... thanks for the help.
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    H won’t stay centered.

    Just bought a used H for a good price. One issue. When starting the drone,at 5 ft the unit cannot stay centered. The drone starts to circle and the radius gets wider, and cannot maintain control. Was wondering if it’s a main board or gps issue.. thank you..