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Recent content by BFD400

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    Stolen Yuneec Drones

    Just wanted everyone to be aware of a pickup load of Yuneec drones that were stolen from a Warehouse here in Memphis. Might want to watch out for any ads for cheap Yuneec drones. Thousands of dollars worth of drones stolen from Memphis warehouse
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    Strobon For H

    I did a pretty clean install on mine. Check this thread. Clean Install of Flytron Strobeon Strobes
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    Toilet Bowl partial resolution

    I had the same problem with my First "H". I sent it back for an exchange and the second one was fine. It is my understanding that Yuneec had a bad batch of GPS boards which is what is causing the "Toilet Bowl" issue and inability to land. I think most everyone here that had the problem got the...
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    Yuneec Skyview Goggles

    I think I'll wait and let someone else Beta Test this Yuneec product. Yuneec will probably come out with a new and improved version 2 before Christmas.:rolleyes:
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    Can I fly My H without the camera?

    Yes you can
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    Issues after getting H back from Support-HELP

    Dido what Quadbart said. My first did the same thing. Second was fine.
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    Clean Install of Flytron Strobeon Strobes

    That is so wrong. Haters gonna hate. :)
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    Clean Install of Flytron Strobeon Strobes

    Thanks John! That is exactly what my wife said. Didn't take long to actually do the mod. More brain power deciding how I wanted to do it. :rolleyes:
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    Battery Drainage Responsibility

    Land at 14.7. There are a TON of post here regarding battery voltages. I would suggest that you search those out and read the advice from the people here that have been dealing with RC battery way more than me. They have it down to a science and can explain it in a matter that a child could...
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    How to get GREAT looking VIDEO out of the CGO3+

    Awesome video with excellent explanation of the TH video controls. Thank you for taking the time to post this.
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    Yet Another Disappointing Camera Story

    I agree with the others. I think it looks great considering any video you upload to YouTube is compressed. I'm sure the original video looks even better! :)
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    Clean Install of Flytron Strobeon Strobes

    I just completed installing Flytron Strobeon strobes on my TH and there IS NO PERMANENT modifications or damage to the drone. You WILL have to modify the case foam to accommodate the strobes though (not a big deal. Easy to do). All of the strobes can be removed if so desired (you can remove the...
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    CGO3+ wont power up

    Do you have video? If so, try re-binding the CGO3+ to the ST16 controller.
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    how to twist the camera so it goes in the foam box

    Tony, After you turn the H off, the camera can be manually moved in any direction. Move the camera where the front of the camera is facing the front of the drone. Then place the camera support piece over the camera and it slips and clips just underneath the gimbal mount and holds the camera...
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    Vibrations again, I'm desperate

    BobW55 is right. That doesn't look like a physical vibration from the drone. That looks like an anomaly in the camera electronics (bad solder joint, bad image sensor, maybe even mild electrical interference).