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Recent content by Bullhorn1976

  1. Bullhorn1976

    New drone user. Come help me out?

    Yeh, the first few times mine were a bit nervous too. The first time I flew over them I was around 200 ft., and every 5 or 6 flights I'd lower it a bit.. now I can fly over them at 100, and they just kinda acknowledge it, it doesn't get them on the move.. .. but then again my cows are a tad...
  2. Bullhorn1976

    New drone user. Come help me out?

    That's the main reason I got my typhoon h pro also.. it's also amazing at helping my keep track of my cows..lol
  3. Bullhorn1976

    Grounded This Weekend Due to TFR

    Aww well wasn't that sweet of pres.Trump to come visit your neck of the woods... LoL
  4. Bullhorn1976

    H520 in an Extreme Wind Test

  5. Bullhorn1976

    Terrible customer support

    Are you sure you sent your drone in to yuneec.. I'm just always very surprised when I hear reports like this bc they have always been so helpful to me.. even when the error was on my end, they went an xtra mile to help me out...
  6. Bullhorn1976

    Carbon fiber prop review

    I just received my carbon blades last week from Carolina Dronz and only 1 out of the set would go on my typhoon.. I called & told them & of course they were quick to get another set sent out.. now this set doesn't want to go on.. I'm very frustrated, but I guess I shouldn't but, since I know...
  7. Bullhorn1976

    How high can you go?

    This time Mine says exactly 400.. but I'm the past it has been 409, so I'm quickly to bring her back down ..
  8. Bullhorn1976

    How could I be so **** unlucky but yet lucky!

    Nope, no mistake about it, I always make sure to start off in Angle mode..
  9. Bullhorn1976

    tested: Morpilot 4S 6300mAh 14,8V 93,2Wh

    I purchased a morpilot battery for my typhoon h pro off of Amazon, and left a not so good review of their battery. Two weeks later I got an email from the seller that said they were sorry about my battery performance And said they would refund me 10$ if I would change what I said.. I said...
  10. Bullhorn1976

    How could I be so **** unlucky but yet lucky!

    Had a great week of flying, or atleast until Friday evening that is.. I decided to put the latest firmware update on my H pro Tuesday afternoon.. I had kind of a hard time getting it to accept the latest but it finally did, and when went to cut it back on to get ready for another flight the...
  11. Bullhorn1976

    I can't need new batteries already can I ??

    It must be my factory charger bc the total voltage after a complete charge is 15.8-15.9 (according to the st16 anyway.. and if my memory serves well that's what I've always gotten since 1st charge.. (wish I had known then..lol) anyway I've got a new tester on the way so I'll have an exact...
  12. Bullhorn1976

    I can't need new batteries already can I ??

    Steve, Thank you for the tips
  13. Bullhorn1976

    I can't need new batteries already can I ??

    My H pro was purchased and delivered on 12-24-2016, since then it's had approx, 20 charges on my 3 batteries..and I can't get over 13-14 minutes of flight time with them.. doesn't matter weather I'm taking it easy or letting her rip!! I like to fly in angle mode most of the time, and the only...