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Recent content by Burntpixel

  1. Burntpixel

    Now I understand the "Fly Away"

    Pat. In all honesty,I have never had the DJI Geo affect me whatsoever. Never turned it on.
  2. Burntpixel

    Now I understand the "Fly Away"

    You really should consider the P4P as an option in the very near future. The camera is quite simply amazing.
  3. Burntpixel

    Yuneec Breeze - Today's announcement

    $500 bones for something that MAY fly for 9 minutes. No Thank you!
  4. Burntpixel

    A few aerials of abandoned asbestos mine

    Nice photos,but man,that water must be seriously mess up.:eek:
  5. Burntpixel

    Motor Pod falls off in flight

    I have seen this very same issue on other craft that have aluminum pop rivets used on round carbon fiber motor boom arms. Sorry to hear you had the crash. If anything can come good out of your situation,it would be to warn others to pay very close attention to those point on the H that use...
  6. Burntpixel

    My typhoon is out... So my next drone will be a....

    Product support is very important when purchasing a multi rotor craft. You have to take that into consideration when you make a purchase. The P3P is a logical choice in both usability and support. The learning curve to use one is minimal.
  7. Burntpixel

    My typhoon is out... So my next drone will be a....

    The Autel Premium may not work in France due to its video transmission frequency. I know you cannot use the Premium in Germany for that very reason.
  8. Burntpixel

    Drones control behavior Dutch citizens

    The guy taking a wizz in the bushes was classic.
  9. Burntpixel

    New Video (freewell variable ND Filter)

    I agree. The lens sucks. Having a boosted gain and slower shutter adds to the problem. I have the freewell variable ND and have used it on my P4. Results are just fine.
  10. Burntpixel

    New Video (freewell variable ND Filter)

    We know that. @ that fixed aperture the lens is soft.
  11. Burntpixel

    Vibrations again, I'm desperate

    No gears,just brushless motors. Check your motor pods to see if there is any play in them. Grab a motor pod and see if you can twist it to the left and right.
  12. Burntpixel

    New Video (freewell variable ND Filter)

    When using the ND,you are shooting close to the stated F-2.8 per the manufacturer. F-2.8 may not be the sweet spot on that lens @ that F-stop. Its the lenses ability or lack there of to resolve sharply @ that stop.
  13. Burntpixel

    Where's Simon?

    DJI has brought him in for indoctrination.
  14. Burntpixel

    need help....HDMI problem

    The ST16 has a hard time seeing Lilliput monitors (Hand Shake). Some monitors and the ST16 have an HDCP Protocol issue. The issue is known to Yuneec,but has never been addressed.
  15. Burntpixel

    Connecting an iPad as a second display

    Get a Lightning to HDMI cable,then use this http://getidisplay.com/