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Recent content by CaptainHooverBee

  1. CaptainHooverBee

    CCC Editor H Plus

    Hello, I do like to prepare a route by pc in order to align waypoints in a proper way and avoid time wasting to create the route on location. Did find a CCC editor, but the H Plus routes has DMW file extension instead CCC made online with “Videociel”. Does anybody has already a way to do this?
  2. CaptainHooverBee

    RTL & Take off & Home

    Its possible to swap the H point to anywhere. Tried several times by switch S4 to RTL and it lands on same spot. Not according to H position. Will keep on testing.
  3. CaptainHooverBee

    Gimbal control right stick

    Hello, I am a single drone pilot. On my H Plus I was able to control in CCC mode the gimbal on the right stick. Was much easier to focus whilst drone flying the mission instead with lever and pan switch on the left. As I really needed to create my waypoint/routes on google maps I bought the...
  4. CaptainHooverBee

    RTL & Take off & Home

    Hello, Just made my first test flight with new H520. Before had H Plus. With H Plus I was able to change RTL position in case something went wrong either to controller or take off position. When I control H520 now I have two icons on the map Home and take off. What’s the difference? Which...
  5. CaptainHooverBee

    Closed Cable Cam Operation on a T H +

    Did try it as Well already many times. But it starts not everytime. It has something to do I guess with the right speed control knob. As soon as I hear beep near 40% speed it starts the route. So far so good. BUT, how do I adjust the flying speed. One times much too fast, other time turtle...
  6. CaptainHooverBee

    CCC Function

    Will try again today, perhaps I need to push throttle stick fully forward and wait or I have again software issues. Really hope all of these Little problems Will be solved with software updates. Cause I Really love this drone.
  7. CaptainHooverBee

    CCC Function

    Can I control the speed as well? Route worked, only speed way too high ;)
  8. CaptainHooverBee

    CCC Function

    Did set some waypoints, But upon pressing start, nothing happens. I experience quit a lot of things not written in detail in the manual. Beside very happy with my Typhoon.
  9. CaptainHooverBee

    CCC Function

    When this should be possible to save several into a folder, I would definitely store them by name. I am tugboat captain, so used with waypoint and routeplannings ;)
  10. CaptainHooverBee

    CCC Function

    Hello, After my first test day. I didn’t test the CCC function yet. Is it possible to save/store several routes. So when I come back in a week I can recall this route without the preflight to create the same route again?
  11. CaptainHooverBee

    Dual View

    Hello, I bought the H plus with RealSense. Idea was to start medium price and buy later on H520. But I can’t believe or find the following... While flying the drone I like to have a visual look where his potision is situate about ground. Is this possible (splitted screen) camera view and...