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Recent content by CraigCam

  1. CraigCam

    DJI wants to let anyone with a smartphone monitor nearby drones

    What about the new mini? It’s entire design is for working around registration with its sub 250 weight. That drone is built for rule breaking. Double standards are the new normal.
  2. CraigCam

    ST16 question

    No. It’s not worth it.
  3. CraigCam

    Typhoon H plus camera and gimbal issues - Need Help

    Try the Android direct WiFi first and see if you get the successful WiFi connection. Make sure the camera is found in the bind list after you go back into the flight app. It may or may not want that password again and that’s the trickiest part. I honestly thought about making a tape template of...
  4. CraigCam

    Typhoon H plus camera and gimbal issues - Need Help

    Have you tried exiting the app from the St, go to the android settings and check the WiFi of the camera and enter their password? If you try to bind the camera from the app, it brings up the password screen but you can’t see it because they never fixed that their photos float over the top of the...
  5. CraigCam


    What version? Hero 7 with the stability?
  6. CraigCam

    ST-16 Sunshade

    If anyone cares...the Hoodman works well but has its own issues like dealing with the touch screen through the gap and the straps bumping sticks when installing . It works best with a remote holder like Ty’s or even the hoodman ridiculously large belt. That being said, it does work well in the...
  7. CraigCam

    Infuriating incident.

    I wear that shirt out during these type of situations. Definitely keeps people away lol.
  8. CraigCam

    My First Crash

    I’m assuming this a 480 you crashed because of the thread header. From my experience rebuilding many, once you get the parts, it’s pretty straightforward. The camera gimbal has never gone well for me though so hopefully that’s not damaged. The hardest part of the arm is threading the motor wires...
  9. CraigCam

    CGO3P problem

    Check your contacts at the shoe mount under the H. They can push up and not spring back down for proper contact. The fuse as previously stated is the other culprit.
  10. CraigCam

    Camera hot swapping.

    It’s a very disappointing path they created. I’m curious if you find the ET worth the money.
  11. CraigCam

    Of Batteries and the Typhoon H

    I look forward to it.
  12. CraigCam

    Newbie question... what is this?

    They did extend the whip part of the antenna with those tubes. The original just had the antenna wire tips coming out with one by the left leg and one out an open slot in the back air flow vent. The current design does get better video connection then the original.
  13. CraigCam

    Newbie question... what is this?

    You should see wires in those tubes.
  14. CraigCam

    typhoon h problem, need help

    What about camera and connection? Are they working? Maybe your not bound? A bad firmware update can brick you out as well and the original owner could have done that. Have you tried reinstalling all the latest available firmware and associated software for the entire system?
  15. CraigCam


    No, I take off regularly but I refuse to fly paranoid due to past experiences. I take my time, do my preflight checks, plan out my mission and fly with relaxed confidence. Otherwise, what’s the point?