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Recent content by David E

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    Just bought an h pro

    My best advise is to learn to pop the start/Stop on landing as the H has a habit of bouncing on landing and pron ti flipping. There are vids on YouTube
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    Locate a lost drone?

    The 'Tile' uses Bluetooth and only over a short range so not any good for tracking. The cheap small trackers on sites like ebay use cell network and sends text link to its location not a live feed like vehicle trackers which would be my option if there were a small enough one on the market.
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    Compatible with aftermarket cameras/sensors?

    Ancient Post I know but did anyone successfully mount a lidar under the belly of an H920plus along with a cgo3 camera.
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    Outlander 5000maH 35C Lipo

    Solution found for UK www.4-max.co.uk Rebranded gens ace and perfect for the H920 plus. Did have to fit new EC3 connectors to the 10gauge wires but wasn't a problem
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    H920 replacement battery

    I've finally after 2months searching found batteries to fit my H920 after being disappointed that the overlanders i bought a couple weeks ago were just a tad to wide. The ones I found are made by gens ace and rebranded for the importer ,or so he says . 4max 5000maH 40c and exactly the same size...
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    Outlander 5000maH 35C Lipo

    Its fine ive spoken to overlander and there OK with me returning these. They don't have a smaller size battery unless I went down to 3700maH which isn't a consideration. Looking like its going to be gens ace 5000maH
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    Outlander 5000maH 35C Lipo

    Yes you sizing is correct and the 55mm is the issue whereas the gens ace are smaller and would fit fine. Unfortunately I couldn't find the gens ace even on amazon so went with the outlander, kinda stuffed myself I think and £400 down the river if I cant convince the seller to return them
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    Outlander 5000maH 35C Lipo

    Finding batteries here in the UK had proved a bit more of a hassle than expected . The consensus was to buy gen ace but these are not available here . The best I could do has been overlander 5000maH 35C SUPERSPORT. So I bit the bullet and 4 arrived the other day at a cost of £400. However...
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    Looking to mess up a perfectly good ST16.

    This may be an older thread but i have a question . Im also messing about with the q500 4k and st16 controller,which bound easily . flies fine and all controls work as does watch me and follow me . flies faster with the st16 which was the first thing i noticed. Ok my question , battery low...