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Recent content by dirkclod

  1. dirkclod

    FAA ~ Recreational Drone Flying Aeronautical Test Moves Forward

  2. dirkclod

    Faa Registration Expiring

    I had forgotten and this was just posted in a few of our other forums . I just C&P this from tcope and msinger ./ Just a quick note... if you registered yourself with the FAA when the registration initially was required, your registration expires now or soon. It was good from 2015 - 2018...
  3. dirkclod

    Typhoon H Base Model BRAND NEW

    You did but ya didn't do it right .You use to many words . Shoulda been more like this... 800.00
  4. dirkclod

    Where's Simon?

  5. dirkclod

    Where's Simon?

    See more sex stuff in that link .You want Simon go to his channel Simon Newton
  6. dirkclod

    Codename : Rusty

    Codename : Rusty
  7. dirkclod

    Tech Spam Haters & Fanboys Highlighted

    Simon that really you .
  8. dirkclod

    PhantomPilots Discussing The Yuneec :-)

    lol :) I hate when that happens. Looks great ;)
  9. dirkclod

    PhantomPilots Discussing The Yuneec :-)

    The Then I succeeded . As that's all I was doing was picking and trying to get a laugh as was Sirwilliam . We all got good birds . Just different .
  10. dirkclod

    GPS tracker for flyaways

    Had zip ties around it and they broke .Bad cell caused it to auto land through some tree's and found it here Only difference I've seen is it's just a little squarer and the battery is internal . Works the same way . Is just updated . I don't use any of the other features . Here they are Came...