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Recent content by Haydn

  1. Haydn

    battery meltdown round 2

    I have a RTK E90x version in Brisbane Australia for sale if needed! We have had a survey customer testing it to see what they can do.
  2. Haydn

    Australian distributor for spares & batteries?

    Yes. Just call me??
  3. Haydn

    ST24 calibration password?

    *#*#3698741#*#* https://1drv.ms/v/s!AnQ9wFc5v0PpoybpNoo_RH3UnIHc I can’t see how to attach a video so I uploaded it here.. it’s in Chinese but you get the idea. It will expire in 39 days or something so if someone knows how to save the file to this server so it stays here please do so...
  4. Haydn

    Battery charging socket ST16s

    Any thing spade or piece of copper. And connect it to the end of one of the spare leads. Then insert into the far left and right off the st16s battery
  5. Haydn

    third party charging lead for yuneec typhoon h3

    You invite the battery is is LiIon not A LiPo!
  6. Haydn

    wanted dual charger for yuneec typhoon h3

    There are none at the moment I will be modifying my base the same as we did 4 years ago for the original H480 batteries
  7. Haydn

    Battery charging socket ST16s

    Do you have the file you could share?
  8. Haydn

    Battery charging socket ST16s

    No it is a single cell
  9. Haydn

    Battery charging socket ST16s

    Did you 3D print the case or use something different?
  10. Haydn

    Battery charging socket ST16s

    LiIon 1S 8.7A
  11. Haydn

    H Parts - 3D printed/ Source problems

    Where are you. I might be able to help. Call me/message me
  12. Haydn

    Freewell ND Filters for H Plus

    I have 4 sets for sale in australia
  13. Haydn

    Freewell ND Filters for H Plus

    you are correct sort I didn’t take notice if the thread title. “H Plus” The only other thing is that any loose tapers are left over ones from broken E90 probably... but should be ok. I don’t render setting them as a spare part. Steve maybe check that parts document I sent you to see if there is...
  14. Haydn

    Freewell ND Filters for H Plus

    As been said earlier the issue is there are a couple of different thread sizes so you might get one to work or it might not