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Recent content by hcforde

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    OK... I was considering buying and using a Breeze as a trainer drone ...Or hold out and buy a Typhoon H

    I personally hate it when post are left open and the OP does not give the results of his/her initial inquiry. I did end up buying a Breeze in like new condition for $75 locally & I bought a Typhoon H Pro with the Intel realsense, 4 batteries and a Venom 4 battery charger for $800 with less than...
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    HELP...Yuneec typhoon H pre-purchase

    You can resell the Realsense for $250. I hope you bought it!!!
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    So does anyone LIKE the Wizard?

    I thought one of the major uses was to use it when you have one person flying the Typhoon and another actually framing the shot/video. That way your focus is not divided. If anyone wants to say the Typhoon is not the best video quality well it may suit the purpose and the price a customer may...
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    New FAA Rule for ALL Drones. READ THIS

    1. It is very relevant to the conversation. 2. The policies you support raises the barrier to entry 3. Please tell me why it is so important for the government to have me register a drone I wish to use for crops or for examining the perimeter of my property? Is that regulation going to benefit...
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    New FAA Rule for ALL Drones. READ THIS

    Exactly, that is why it is governmental overreach!!!
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    New FAA Rule for ALL Drones. READ THIS

    Usually, it is those that have credentials prior to, or are early adopters that wish to limit and shut out access to others. This happens in a lot of arenas. Maybe everyone regardless of age, or size of the UAV be required to have insurance also. BTW, if i have a lot of acreage should I be...
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    Hurray! My TH Pro finally takes to the air!

    Green with envy!!!
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    Hope!!! Boosted Range Test

    With the guidelines, is there at any point governmental overreach? I have seen agencies create rules to justify their own existence, Institute fines to become a revenue center and only when challenged in a court of law have they been brought back to the reality that the imposition of law still...
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    Is there a way to test a motor so your craft does not fail in mid flight?

    This is not an issue with a hexacopter but on quads it would be useful to be able to do so. That way your day is not ruined because your bird fell out of the sky.
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    Is it worth having the breeze fixed when it is a pilot error crash

    There are parts on EBAY. or buy a refurb unit and use your for parts as was said above.
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    wifi won't connect to tablet

    As I recal you need 802.11 ac
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    Consumer Electronics Show 2019

    SInce CES is so large I do not think there are any other venues in the US that can support it.
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    Consumer Electronics Show 2019

    Technology can only go so far until R&D cost too much for projected ROI. Sales have to catch up. No doubt they have a 1" 4K optical zoom lens in the works but in the mean time, they still need sales This is when the smaller companies can "catch-up" with what the major players are doing. I...
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    Groupon has the Breeze 4K for $136.99 NEW!!! Full Warranty

    Hey, I just looked on their site and they were not there? can you post a link?