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Recent content by Ignus Ekermans

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    Gimbal arm bent on Cgo3+

    Good day I had a crash recently and had to replace everything including the circuit board. Camera had a few scratches until I had it in the air and saw the gimbal couldn't center.. Gimbal arm is bent..Don't know how camera stayed alive and the arm is bent.. Anyone can direct me to someone that...
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    Circuit board replacement trouble

    Thanks...help would be much appreciated
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    Rebuild Complete

    Can you maybe post some pics???Im rebuilding mine at the moment..New circuit board and body..But when I connected everything my led's under rotors are blue at startup and then they die and i get a red light on my circuit board..dont know what to do???
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    Circuit board replacement problem

    Having trouble after replced frame and circuitboard.. Thank you
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    Hi can anyone give me the type of switch that is used in the drone itself..not going to buy new circuit board if i can fix it myself thank you..picture atta ched
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    Power switch broken

    Had a crash other day..Bought new frame and installed everything from old frame..then saw power switch broken..getting no power even if I put switch back on and sitch to on doesnt want to power on..Any suggestions..picture attached
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    Cgo3 wiring after crash!!

    Hey all Had a crash recently..3 of the small wires came loose that goes up to the rohs or something..Help would be apretiated..And would like to know where I can buy the cover form camera ( as seen broken in picture) and maybe an new arm that goes to camera..Can't seem to find parts It is the...