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Circuit board replacement trouble

Nov 6, 2016
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Hello Ignus......Blaster here, say....assuming you have not corrected the issue to today's date (11-06-16) those replacements
I'm sure can be a "challenge". Double check the "white pin port connectors" in that they need to be "seated" correctly, I would
check to see if the "male pins" are actually going into the female connectors firmly. Recently I had an issue with that, I had
inspected those and found one of the "male pins" was not positioned "straight up" and slightly bent....also, the plastic housing on one side was "closed" and I had to use a "very small size fine" screwdriver to "push against" the inside of the plastic connector housing to "open the slot"......
to secure better connectivity....know what I mean? (this discovery was after having some work done back in August by Yuneec
Ontariio, CA. shop) (there was an issue that came up "after" receiving it back from them) Been corrected since then of course:)

Other than approaching this replacement effort with a "super detailed inspection" of ALL connectors, I wouldn't
know what else to consider, other than the "outside chance" your new board is not fully working. Let me know if you've had
this issue of yours corrected and what steps you took to correct it. Hope this helps........:)

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