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Recent content by Ionut

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    Terrible customer support

    I've received my ST-16 fully repaired, took about 3 weeks since I shipped it to Ken-A-Vision.
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    Terrible customer support

    It looks like they have a deal with Ken-A-Vision for repairs if you are from the East Coast, I've sent my ST16+ to them about 14 days ago and heard nothing from them with the exception that the ticket has been closed: "This message is to inform you that your case #50*** was closed and resolved...
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    No Cgo3+ or WIFI connection on ST16

    I have the same problem with my ST16+, Wi-Fi grayed out. Re-installed the latest firmware, reset to factory, nothing helped. Guess I'll have to contact Yuneec.
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    Stitching 360 Pano

    I use PTGui Pro, good but not free.
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    In my windows 10 I had to run it in compatibility mode for win 7, try to run it in administrator mode ("Run as administrator") and see if that helps.
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    3g? 2g? looking price?
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    Approached by an "FAA Inspector"

    I don't carry the certificate in a physical format in my wallet, but authorities can ask for it at which point I can show it to them on my phone. This makes it easier for authorities to actually verify that the drone is registered and that the certificate has not expired. The certificate is also...
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    Approached by an "FAA Inspector"

    So then you should have received an email with your "Small UAS Certificate of Registration" that you might have to show to a local authority or an FAA inspector...
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    Approached by an "FAA Inspector"

    Actually, you have to register with FAA even if your are an AMA member: Academy of Model Aeronautics - FAA UAS Frequently Asked Questions
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    Approached by an "FAA Inspector"

    For hobby you need to carry your sUAS certificate of registration. Local & federal authorities can ask for it, that is your proof that your drone is registered, it has the same number that you have to attach to your drone.
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    Video Editing Software

    Lots of FUD here, OS X is as vulnerable, unstable & unreliable just like any other OS. If you buy good hardware, there is no reason Windows will not be as reliable as a Mac.
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    Part 107

    In short: certificate = truth, license = permission A good article from 2009 can be found on google cache on why it's "certification": Aviation Today :: License or Certificate?
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    Video Editing Software

    For light editing a Macbook Pro might be ok, for bigger projects or lots of projects, a PC will be the better option. Apple has not refreshed their Mac Pro in 4 years...
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    Trouble registering Q500 at Yuneec

    I had the same problem for the last 3 weeks, I informed them then and no fix yet. I usually try and avoid calling for anything as it's a lot of hassle, especially when you have to give a long email address & serial number.