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Recent content by Jafo

  1. J

    Prop broke at 190’

    Composite blades have their down side too... Sometimes you want the blade to break away or risk losing a motor and/or ESC. A botched take off or the Q tipping into the ground would be an example. :)
  2. J

    Yuneec typhoon q500 4k cgo3 wifi problem show on white light

    Try reinstalling the camera firmware.....
  3. J

    Hello from Phoenix Az.

    Gifi and Venom are good aftermarket batteries to look at. Good luck
  4. J

    Q500 won't power up

    Look here> https://www.ebay.com/itm/Yuneec-Q500-Main-Control-Unit-Flight-Board/183705044528?epid=16029744518&hash=item2ac5ac8630:g:WxsAAOSwepdcdWfh:sc:USPSFirstClass!92253!US!-1 Search around..... There easy to find. Good luck and happy hunting
  5. J

    Well that didn't work.....(crash)

    I sure hope it's not taking you 12 minutes to acquire sat lock. If it does.....something else is wrong.
  6. J

    No Network Connection on my cgo3 camera.

    Did you re pair the camera to the box after the crash ?
  7. J

    Altitude max problem

    You will probably need to contact member "Yuneec_Usa" and send him a message requesting the software. I doubt he will contact you first. Click on his name to send him a message. Good luck, Jafo
  8. J

    Testing 2nd new Q500, 2 crashes back to back.

    HW fault- HardWare
  9. J

    Testing 2nd new Q500, 2 crashes back to back.

    I've had that same scenario a couple of times. down and back up again for no reason. Once... it didn't come back up and continued into the ground. Look here:
  10. J

    Q500 almost committing suicide.

    Slow your decent. Sounds like you may have been coming down to fast and got hung up in your own prop wash. Also, instead of dropping straight down try descending on an angle instead. Good luck, Jafo
  11. J

    CGO3 B Camera?

    Look here: https://carolinadronz.com/products/itelite-dbs-yuneec-q500s-phantom-1-2-models-ite-dbs01 And here: http://hypedphoto.com/q500mods/index.php/yuneec-mods/camera-mod/ And here: http://hypedphoto.com/q500mods/index.php/antenna-mods/ Good luck and happy flying, Jafo
  12. J

    Yet another post about Q500 batteries

    Aftermarket batteries are the way to go IMO. Gifi works fine too. Do you have a cell/voltage checker ? The green light on the charger may be telling you it's full. Good luck and happy flying. Jafo
  13. J

    St10 video signal

    Yikes!!! Carefull brother. The wrong stray signal at just the right time and you'll watch your Q fly away.
  14. J

    St10 video signal

    I thought so. Those connectors can be tricky to get them to seat well. Sounds like your on the right track.
  15. J

    St10 video signal

    What's the video look like on playback ? I wonder if the antenna in the box is connected well. If you have more than one device connected to the camera via wifi your gonna see increased lag in the video feed. It's probably an issue with the box. Others will chime in soon enough......