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Recent content by Lonnie Troncin

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    Selling my Typhoon H (not at this time)

    I know how it feels. I'm about ready to give it up. Just haven't come to the point of selling it yet. Think I'll take the person's advice and just give it a rest for awhile as I don't think I will ever lose that thrill of flying the H. Happy flying to everyone
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    Yes that is what is showing when I turn the st16 on. No, no one has been near it except me which is why I'm confused. It has always fired right up and have never used the "pattern " to lock it as I live alone and didn't see any sense in locking it. Thanks for the advice.
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    The Typhoon H st16. Someone mentioned 1234567890 but I can't get into the st16 period
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    Went to turn on my st16,it has the dots for security code. I have NEVER used this to put in a code but won't let me go to any other screen. Any one know how I can bypass this and get into my st16? Any help appreciated
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    Typhoon H ditched into lake

    No matter what you decide, I would keep the drone as parts are getting harder to find. Good luck
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    Drone fell out of sky.

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    Tool kit

    Thanks for the info
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    Tool kit

    Is there a special tool set for the H? Screws seem to be different than any thing I can find.
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    LSD effect - light painting with drone

    Really nice pictures. I think they are great. Can't wait to see your next post
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    Rubber grommets

    Two of them are "clipped " in the frame. You can slip the lip of the grommet back into place. Use something dull that won't cut the rubber. I have had to do this a couple of times.
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    Typhoon h arm clips needed

    Having the same problem. Not cause of accident, just getting old and need to replace a couple of the clip's. If I happen to find any for sale will post it here. Would appreciate the same if anyone finds some.
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    am I crazy for passing on this

    I think it's a good deal BUT I would try and find out what is going on at Yuneec first to see if they have closed for good in US. I just bought another H after my first was stolen. I probably wouldn't have but didn't know what was going on at Yuneec.
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    Ready to fly

    Just bought another typhoon after my first one was stolen. So looking forward to getting back in the air. I love the typhoon and hope this one is as reliable as the first one.
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    Bad Crash.

    Had mine do the same thing, I know how it feels when you know it isn't pilot error
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    Reliable shipping--Who to choose

    I made sure the only label had my new address and there wasn't any other labels on the package. I even told KAV that I had a new address. When KAV finally contacted me I was told by the tech person they are supposed to call and verify the return address before they send it out,they didn't...